Lock Down Devices without Crippling Functionality: CIO and Gartner Talk BYO, VDI, and Moka5

It’s not a new question, but with more and more corporations adopting or evaluating BYO policies, it’s one that’s asked frequently: How can IT gain visibility and control of these devices in order to mitigate security risks, without crippling their functionality or becoming ‘Big Brother’? If you are looking for professional help then I suggest […]

Will CYOD Replace BYOD

If you’ve been following the conversation surrounding BYOD, you’ve likely been seeing a lot of mentions of CYOD lately. No, this isn’t someone mistyping one of the tech industries’ most talked about tech terms; it’s a reference to “choose your own device.” What is CYOD and Where Did it Come From? A few months ago, […]

It’s a Holiday Miracle: Real Tips for a Highly Effective BYO Program

Yes, Virginia – there is such a thing as a successful enterprise BYO program and it doesn’t take a Christmas miracle to get it implemented! While virtually everyone in IT believes that a well-implemented BYO program can boost productivity and reduce costs, overcoming the twin obstacles of employee trust and data privacy have effectively slowed […]

Wired, Tech Target, and MSPToday Discuss the Challenges of Keeping Data Secure

With many still maintaining the assumption that if you manage and protect the physical computer, you’re managing and protecting the data, it should come as little surprise that trends like consumerization of IT and BYOD have made keeping data secure a hot topic in technology. These recent articles form WIRED, Tech Target, and MSPToday discuss some of the concerns […]