Moka5LivePC v4 delivers unsurpassed scalability, performance, and usability for virtualized enterprise clients



  • Scalability – 14,000 containers per management server (versus 50 to 100 for standard VDI images), achieved via 64-bit architecture and improved connection handling, caching, and SSL performance
  • Container management REST APIs – integrate revoke, unrevoke, kill in to existing tools such as systems management or help desk
  • Self-service REST APIs – integrate self-service provisioning capabilities into existing portals
  • User download controls – avoid costly cellular network data charges
  • Improved host security assessment – Integrated host malware check
  • More robust file transfer between Primary Image Stores and Moka5 Replicas / Amazon S3 Replicas
  • Compatibility alerts prior to LivePC download


The Only Centrally-Managed, Cross-Platform, Locally Executing PC Container

M5 LivePC v4 uses client-side virtualization technology to enable Windows and Macs to run a fully configured and encrypted corporate desktop within a highly secure, centrally managed container.  As the only client virtualization solution that works both on and off line, M5 LivePC v4 fully isolates sensitive corporate information and applications from personal information and applications, as well as the host itself. With the Vanguard release, administrative tools have been updated adding more security policies and permissions providing stronger data security. Moka5 LivePC v4 delivers dramatically better performance, security, and user experience than legacy VDI implementations while also significantly lowering costs.

updated graph

Offering truly impressive scalability versus legacy VDI and enhanced APIs for infrastructure integration, M5 LivePCv4 delivers enhanced enterprise manageability and security for both personal and corporate computers – critical for successful BYO, CYO, mobile workforce, contractor management, and other IT initiatives requiring mobility and security across heterogeneous hardware platforms.

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End-users will also benefit from Vanguard with a refreshed user interface, improved provisioning experience, control over the player and image update downloads, support for international keyboard options, and automated handling of infrastructure failure scenarios.

To learn more details about Moka5 and LivePC v4, please visit and please watch the overview video below.