Convergence: To Serve The Needs Of End User Computing

With the announcement of our next-gen container focused on managing and securing web-based apps, code-named Project SkyNet, we’ve been talking to a LOT of analysts lately about End User Computing (EUC) in general and the trends they are seeing. And … Continued

What to do about Windows?

What to do about Windows? The system IT loves to hate has long been the target of slings and arrows of outrageous abuse heaped by end-users, developers, network administrators, and security people for years. Windows ME, Vista have long been … Continued

Top 5 IT Memes and GIFs of the Week

It’s Friday again, and that means we like to wander out into the darker corners of the internet and round up some IT meme’s in the wild!  Here are the Top 5 we came up with: 1.) Automated workflows can, and will, … Continued

Moka5 Takes 12th of Cybersecurity Ventures’ 500

In a recent survey conducted by Menlo Park Ventures, an independent technology advisory and research firm, Moka5 was ranked 12th in cybersecurity vendors. Our holistic, containerized approach to endpoint security and compliance is gaining a lot of momentum in the … Continued

Pt. 3: PC Containers – What are they good for?

Q& A: Enabling The Chaos Part one | Part two | Part three Q:: Windows images are multi-gigabytes in size – how do I distribute them to users all over the world, often with poor network connections? A:: Moka5’s container … Continued

Comparing Moka5 LivePC Vs. VMware Horizon Flex

On October 14th, VMware announced several new offerings at VMworld Europe. We here at Moka5 immediately began getting a lot of questions along the lines of “this new Horizon FLEX from VMware sounds a lot like what you do?” so … Continued

Pt. 2: PC Containers – What are they good for?

Q & A: Securing Your Windows Workspace Part one | Part two | Part three Q:: Is it protected at the end point? A:: Yes! The security architecture is designed on the principle that the container is residing on an … Continued

Pt. 1: PC Containers – What are they good for?

The first in a three part blog series by Moka5 Chief Architect, Ian McWilton Part one | Part two | Part three Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your Windows Golden Image – stick it in a digital container … Continued

Introducing the Next-Generation Container for the Enterprise Consumer

By Naveed Makhani, VP Product Management For years, Moka5 has enabled organizations to address the needs of the enterprise consumer through simple and secure management of enterprise containers on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Over the last year or so, … Continued

How Windows ate Windows 9 so now it’s Windows 10

Going back to the play that if one is good two will be better, Microsoft skipped an entire release cycle announcing Windows 10 today. Given the conventional wisdom that Windows 8 was the worst thing since Vista – or maybe … Continued