Tech News: iOS 8, Apple’s “New” Privacy Policy, Interceptor Cell Towers

iOS 8 will do what with my contacts? With the iOS 8 update comes a plethora of new features, the latest update seems to be causing a lot of fuss around a potential invasion of privacy. When you double click … Continued

Moka5 Announces Enterprise AnyWare Release 4.1

Code Named Warlord, Moka5 v4.1 simplifies workspace management for the mobile enterprise  (Redwood City, Calif. – September 10, 2014) – Moka5, the leading provider of next generation end-user computing solutions, today announced the launch of Warlord – Moka5 version 4.1 that … Continued

Guest Blog: 6 Tips for Managing Contract Workers

Rob Tatum works as a small business owner and writes about managing staff, increasing revenue, and engaging in online marketing. Times are changing, and the employment landscape is changing with them. According to Intuit, by the end of this decade over … Continued

It’s Friday: Let’s GIF IT Out

It’s Friday, and sometimes the best way to express the weekly Ups and Downs are through GIFS.  Here’s our take on IT hijinks expressed through moving pictures! 1.) Colleague making decisions on their own again… 2.) Boss looking over said … Continued

Remote Access – Where Security meets Productivity, and they all lived happily after!

As we wade into Day 2 of VMworld 2014, the conversation will likely leave Software Defined Data Centers and move onto the more exciting (for us at least) conversation regarding securing remote clients in a highly distributed and unpredictable work … Continued

Simplified Client Management for a Complex World

If you’re in IT, life is tough. If you’re in client-side IT, life is crazy. Gone are the comfortable days of standard WinTel PCs all nice and safe behind the firewall. Today – client IT is the Wild West. You … Continued

IT’s meme Friday Round IV

Another Friday is here and what better way to end the week than with some funny IT memes. We hope these make you laugh half as much as they made us.. 1) When someone calls IT support and asks for … Continued

Download Whitepaper: How Moka5’s flexible architecture meets today’s unpredictable IT challenges

Client computing in today’s Enterprise has become highly dynamic and unpredictable. IT organizations must manage technology diversity in ways unimaginable just five years ago. Not only are there different clients to manage – PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, personal and … Continued

Back From Boston – BriForum in the Rear View…

John Whaley reports back from BriForum I returned to BriForum last week and as usual, it was a lot of fun catching up with the usual suspects who typically frequent this August event as well as meeting some fresh new … Continued

What’s That? It’s IT GIF Friday

Today is Gif Friday here at Moka5, and we love Gifs. They capture moments in our favorite memories of movies, viral videos, and so much more.  Have one to share? Tweet it to us at @mokafive on Twitter! Helpdesk ticket … Continued