Apple Watch Means Exciting Times for Individuals and Business Alike

After months (actually years) of rumors and anticipation, the Apple Watch was officially unveiled on Monday. And, although it won’t be released in stores until April 24, that doesn’t mean people need to wait until then to start planning for … Continued

Box’s Acquisition of Subspace…Why It Matters

Last week, Box announced its acquisition of Subspace, a start-up focused on building a SkyNet-like client-side container to secure usage of cloud-based enterprise services such as Box, Office 365, and Salesforce. With its focus on the enterprise, Box has always … Continued

Comparing Moka5 LivePC and Citrix Desktop Player

Comparing Moka5 LivePC and Citrix Desktop Player In January of 2014 Citrix released Desktop Player for Macs, an add-on to XenDesktop. Recent information on their website indicates that a Windows version will be available in Tech Preview “soon” (this has … Continued

Project SkyNet Update – Everything you want to know in one place

A lot has happened since we announced Project SkyNet last October. Today, we announced the availability of access to a SkyNet preview. With so much information available, we’ve put together a list so you can access it all from this … Continued

We Agree, Microsoft – SaaS Apps Need to be Secured Too

In his blog post Architecture Matters: Protecting Data in a Mobile First, Cloud First World, Microsoft’s Brad Anderson argues that “the trend of moving to cloud-hosted services is real and it is accelerating,” yet many enterprise management vendors are overlooking … Continued

Where Agent-based IT Solutions Fall Short

Too often in the enterprise, as new challenges arise we try to shoehorn them into existing solutions. A technology that was originally developed for a specific use case is now being contorted in unintended and unnatural ways. The use of … Continued

How secure is your data — really?

Business technology, we all know, evolves quickly. But is the pace of change in IT too fast? In some cases, the answer to that question seems to be yes. For instance, look at how much more complicated data and service … Continued

A New Year: 2014 Wrap-up and Predictions for 2015

1. What were the biggest trends in Enterprise Computing in 2014? In general we would say that 2014 was really a “wait and see” year in general for the BYOD/Mobility space. Large enterprises are still in POC evaluation mode as … Continued

Windows7 Enters Extended Support Period

Selling more than 20 million licenses per month in the three years it was officially being marketed, Windows 7 is clearly the winner of “most popular Windows OS.” If even 50% of those licenses are still operational, that means the … Continued

Jack Madden includes Project SkyNet on Stories to Watch in 2015

Instead of making a lot of shot in the dark predictions, enterprise mobility management (EMM) expert Jack Madden has published a list of enterprise mobility management stories the team will be following in 2015. His list is focused on … Continued