Windows7 Enters Extended Support Period

Selling more than 20 million licenses per month in the three years it was officially being marketed, Windows 7 is clearly the winner of “most popular Windows OS.” If even 50% of those licenses are still operational, that means the … Continued

Jack Madden includes Project SkyNet on Stories to Watch in 2015

Instead of making a lot of shot in the dark predictions, enterprise mobility management (EMM) expert Jack Madden has published a list of enterprise mobility management stories the team will be following in 2015. His list is focused on … Continued

Ericsson Says Enterprise Needs to Shift to Data-centric Security Approaches – We Agree

Earlier this month, Mari Silbey’s Light Reading article, Ericsson Calls for Data-centric Security Approach, reported that Ericsson Head of Cloud Technology Jason Hoffman had called for companies to move from trying to secure entire systems to focusing on securing the … Continued

Server-Side Containers vs. Client-Side Containers: Why you actually need both

The idea of software-defined containers on the server has gained significant ground recently with industry leaders such as Docker, Amazon, and Google expounding on their utility for application development and deployment. At the same time, End User Computing (EUC) vendors … Continued

Convergence: To Serve The Needs Of End User Computing

With the announcement of our next-gen container focused on managing and securing web-based apps, code-named Project SkyNet, we’ve been talking to a LOT of analysts lately about End User Computing (EUC) in general and the trends they are seeing. And … Continued

What to do about Windows?

What to do about Windows? The system IT loves to hate has long been the target of slings and arrows of outrageous abuse heaped by end-users, developers, network administrators, and security people for years. Windows ME, Vista have long been … Continued

Top 5 IT Memes and GIFs of the Week

It’s Friday again, and that means we like to wander out into the darker corners of the internet and round up some IT meme’s in the wild!  Here are the Top 5 we came up with: 1.) Automated workflows can, and will, … Continued

Moka5 Takes 2nd in Cybersecurity Ventures’ 500

In a recent survey conducted by Menlo Park Ventures, an independent technology advisory and research firm, Moka5 was ranked 2nd in cybersecurity vendors. Our holistic, containerized approach to endpoint security and compliance is gaining a lot of momentum in the market … Continued

Pt. 3: PC Containers – What are they good for?

Q& A: Enabling The Chaos Part one | Part two | Part three Q:: Windows images are multi-gigabytes in size – how do I distribute them to users all over the world, often with poor network connections? A:: Moka5’s container … Continued

Comparing Moka5 LivePC Vs. VMware Horizon Flex

On October 14th, VMware announced several new offerings at VMworld Europe. We here at Moka5 immediately began getting a lot of questions along the lines of “this new Horizon FLEX from VMware sounds a lot like what you do?” so … Continued